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How Art Appreciation Changed Baryn Futa

April 20, 2020

Every society should know where it came from. Currently, Baryn Futa holds to a firm belief that the arts are a defining part of any culture and that art is key to preserving our culture for future generations. Just as the art of the past puts us in touch with our ancestors, today’s art will serve as a touchstone to future generations. That makes art preservation a critical task.

Baryn Futa is motivated to be a prominent arts benefactor, quite possibly because his love of fine art was a long time coming, not actually hitting him until he retired and took a job with the Denver Art Museum. That turned him into an art aficionado unlike most others. He appreciates the tremendous importance of the arts. He has taken many arts classes and began his own art collection, which is now so impressive that he sometimes lends his art to museums. Baryn holds memberships in a great many revered art museums that have impressive collections of their own, including The Jewish Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Guggenheim, among others. Baryn Futa tries to encourage a greater appreciation for the arts wherever he goes.